Building Our New User App Was Fun

Many new products have an app that goes with them now. We make a new type of camera to monitor home environments. We market pet cams, nanny cams and home surveillance cams. We needed an easy to use app that would allow streaming of video feeds to tablets and smartphones. We used Massive Infinity to help us brand our app to work with our equipment. There are all kinds of apps that allow remote viewing of IP cameras used in residential and commercial security. We wanted to offer one along with our cameras that allowed a user to build an account and simply use a QR code found inside the camera box to set up the camera.

This included trying to automate any router settings that needed to be updated, and providing instructions to do it manually if necessary. Smart apps are tough to come by. Ours needed to be smart and just work. We wanted as little user intervention in the setup as possible. This cuts down on customer service calls and frustration of customers who are not very tech savvy. We do not think you should have to mess around with a product to get it to function. You should be just able to plug it in and have it work.

Massive Infinity was able to write the code for our app as well as use existing modules of code that are standard in the remote app viewing industry for surveillance cameras. It turned out very well. We like how our logo and other brand graphics appear on the app. It is clearly associated with our company. Plus, it handles the job of setting up and letting owners to remotely view live camera footage easily. Our call volume for tech help with our cameras has dropped off greatly since releasing the first version of our app.

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