Looking for a New Phone Service

I have been thinking about the best way to get a good deal on a phone. Of course the balance is that I want to get a good capable device, but I do not want to pay a lot of money. I have been looking at getting one of those 3g sim deals and keeping the hand set that I have now, but that would only be a temporary move if I did it. That would not cost very much obviously, because you would be paying for the sim chip and not paying for a whole new hand set. It would be inexpensive, but it would not get me a better phone. I am thinking that I could probably do both though. That way I could get a new phone, but not get stuck paying for one of those long term deals that all of the mobile phone services like so much. You just buy a sim chip and then if you find something better you move on to it at your convenience. I would prefer one of the higher speeds, but I am not a huge user of data so it is something I could live with or without. I am pretty sure that a good 3G service would be sufficient, although you have to worry that you shall end up on a system which has been over sold. A lot of times you get a mobile phone service and the bandwidth that is available will vary widely at different locations and different times of the day. That nearly always means that they either do not have a strong network or they have more customers than they can supply with a proper signal. Of course at different points in the day there is a larger demand and often it exceeds the capacity.

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